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Originally Posted by Sfladvrider View Post
ahhhh this guy gets it i see what you did there

why they are comparing a 800cc with a 650cc i have no idea, you hit the nail on the head. you want to compare put the 650cc bikes together.
No, clearly you don't.

As discussed previously, a lot of people with the 650's want to UPGRADE - ie, take a step forward or upward, transcend to a new level of awesomeness, GET A BETTER BIKE.

In short, depending on WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT, it may just be a heavy, poorly suspended bucket of shit.

Is that clear enough for you now? Do I need to break it on down some more?

If you were going to drop the coin on the F800GSA and get a bike that weighs as much as the 1200, but performs just like a 650 I think you'd be pretty disappointed.

I know I was. But clearly you GET IT, or you have a much lower expectation level.
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