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Same story.

I tend to ride street bikes as if they were dirt bikes.

Finally started riding an Adventure bike and it was like coming home. They do it all. Cruise for hours, loaded, on a trip. Rip it up in the twisties. Then still love getting back to my roots, dirt. Exploring dirt roads and paved back roads is an addictive pastime.

First adventure bike was a KTM950 Adventure. I really can't say enough about how this bike performs. It is like the ultimate dirt bike. Once the suspension is dialed in for rider weight, maybe do some valving on the front, it is able to manage things you would never believe a liter bike could do. If you have the skills. It rides like a dirt bike, just got to remember the weight when entering places you might want to change course.

But you would also want to love mechanic'n. The bike is reliable, but it is a high strung thoroughbred and wants your attention.

So, I bought a Triumph 800XC. It is 85% of the KTM, and I get to ride it all the time. That engine is mesmerizing. It comes on like an electric motor, or a turbine. The powerband is remarkable as it puts out a steady 50 of torque across several thousand RPM. It is a sleeper that sneaks up fast. Wheelslip is easy to control. It lacks the tuneability of the springers on the KTM, and a little travel. With a tuned suspension I think it will be everything I need.

The 950 is everything I wanted.
(I drool a little over the 1190 now and again)

Like Dakez, I'd second taking a look at the triples and what Triumph has done with them.

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