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Originally Posted by mikem9 View Post
That's a good description.
Thirded. My buddy keeps telling me to trust my tires, but how can I trust them when they aren't pushing up a berm?

The 17" front tire and more limited degree of lock-to-lock with a street bike bothers me at very low speeds. I guess it's because I spent my "formative" years squaring off turns, right when I get to what I subconsciously mapped out as the apex where I (expect to) square off and change directions, I run into the fork stops and bobble or dab, or both.

I could relearn in time, but I'm thinking I might be happier with a more dirt oriented bike. This bike has to do for now but that may change down the road. Or I'll change. Just have to wait a bit to see which way it will be.

Dammit, the Tiger fever is back again ... the pills do nothing.
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