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Originally Posted by KoolBreeze View Post
Been there and elsewhere. Definitely a culture thing. And as another pointed out this particular site is going to attract those serious about the "sport" lifestyle aspect. If I lived in Thailand I might ride a scoot minus gear also. Perhaps in the future...
Culture, for sure..... With around 85% of ADVrider forum members claiming to be ATGATT or thereabouts (based on the present sample of about 135 votes) those who are not come in for a bit of a hard time. Given how hotly the topic is debated, I would have expected a more even spread, but now I see it as more a case of peer pressure to fall into line.

But as you suggest you would, how many others would adopt the local culture fairly promptly in a different environment?

Actually, more than a few motorcyclists from the West dare not ride the mean streets of these Southeast Asian parts. Cultural differences on the road apply to more than just attire.

With registered motorcycles outnumbering car by three to one in Phuket, riding is primarily a practical way to get around locally. For long distance travel people use a car (if they have one available) or public transport.



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