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Speed racer should work for BMW marketing.

This thread is supposed to be about the GSA and why it's an alternative to other bikes in the market place. Like many things in life, the GSA is a compromise.

For the weight, the price, the performance and the capability, the BMW is NOT a step up from a 650, in my humble opinion as the owner of both.

It's an alternative to a 650. As in, if you did more freeway work than dirt, you'd buy the 800, more off road work than freeway you'd go for a 650. Any 650.

The F8GSA weighs the same as the older model R1200GS. At best it comes within a tank of fuel of it. Sure, the weight balance in an F8 is better. Barely.

Is an F8 better on the freeway than a big single....yeah....only just, the more freeway you do the betteran alternative it is. Is it lighter and easier to handle in the dirt than a 1200....barely. Is it better on the open road than a 1200...any 1200 adventure bike...not by a long shot. Not even close.

Get over the fact you dropped the coin on a BMW. It's just a BMW. It is in no way the best manufacturer in the market. It is just another manufacturer in the market. Depending on what you want it for it may well float your boat.

That's the reality of the situation. Yes, I have an F800GS, I have 2 x DR650, and I have a ZX6. I love my F800, but it is nothing like yours, it is very different to the GSA model. I wouldn't waste the money on the GSA model. The GSA has more in common with the 600~650 class, and in some ways more in common with the 1200 class than is good for it.

And yes, the KTM1190AdvR is a game changer. To be honest, I think BMW wont even attempt to tackle it head on in the market. They will offer an alternative either side of it, and spend as little as possible on the R and F series. Why? Because people like you guys will keep buying them and telling anyone who'll listen that they are the best thing since sliced bread. In other words, they'll sell them regardless because of the name.

Is it the compromise for you? The fact that you chose one doesn't make it the best thing in the market place. It's the best thing in the market place for you.

It certainly isn't the compromise for me. I wouldn't waste the money. I can spend a third of it and have just as much fun. Or spend the same money and have a whole lot more fun.

So for someone looking at a new bike, upgrading from a smaller bike, or sizing down with the hope of doing more off road work than a 1200, take it all with a dose of salt. New owners who write in here will split into 2 categories, those that bought a piece of shit they can't stand, or those who bought the greatest bike ever built. Do the numbers. Be honest with yourself about your abilities and what you want out of the bike. Be prepared to either live with a compromise, or modify the bike.
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