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Back to the ride!

So we're zipping east on Rt 34 in the early morning...the sun is blindingly bright and warm, but there are pockets within the canyon which won't see sunlight for another couple hours...we swap back and forth between the 2 disparate climates as we charge into into the corners and push the motorcycles just a little bit harder than usual. These may be the last twisty roads we see for days so one must make the most of the opportunity to actually lean into a curve. I find myself surprised once or twice as the pavement transitions from warm, dry, and sticky to cold, wet, and slippery mid-corner.

The Big Thompson river carved out this canyon over the milenia and I find myself grateful for its efforts. There's something about a twisty road being accompanied by a twisty river that just resonates for me. Perhaps its the ludicrous notion that, should I overshoot a tight corner, the water will soften the crash. I know that's clearly not true...rocky banks...shallow cold...boulders...rapids...etc...but I enjoy riding along the river nonetheless. It gives the road an almost natural, flowing's like Feng Shui for motorcyclists.

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