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While, I may agree that law officers should get a little leniency on the most minor of traffic infractions (mostly due to the impact minor infractions can have their careers), the cavalier attitude that "I simply badge em and am on my way" is a "little out of control," IMHO. And this is not even the tip of the iceberg, DUI and domestic violence leniency and/or coverup is reportedly common in addition to other things.
I'm a professional, Class A driver. Any minor infraction can have massive consequences for me, much more sever than most of the cops out there. In spite of this, there are whole sections of various police departments who's job it is to pay specific attention to people like me.

I think the police should have less leniency given to them. If you would enforce the law, then you must live by it. I'm of the opinion that any breaking of the law by police officers should have significantly more severe punishments, not less.
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