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Cops are people, they come in all sizes and attitudes, just like motorcycle riders that post on the Internet.

Having a good attitude towards them may not keep you from a ticket but it will increase the chances. Things that increase the chance of a ticket are the cops assignment. In Cal. the CHP primary duty is traffic enforcement. Some cities have Cops that are assigned to traffic. That's their job.

The nature of the violation makes a difference. Here everyone speeds. If you are making unsafe passes or weaving in and out of traffic, you will probably get a ticket.

Most people who start the conversation about how they know their rights, probably are going to be argumentative and don't know anything. Yes they may be able to search your bike:, so don't carry your dope in the same place as your registration and yes you will probably get a ticket.

Clam up if you want, but the cop is going to take that as an attitude problem. They already have enough to give you a ticket, so your admission of guilt is immaterial. Its a ticket and you aren't Perry Mason.

On a speeding ticket, the universal first question is, "do you know how fast you were going" A loaded question, seeking an admission of guilt. I like the non committal answer of "fast enough to get your attention" with a smile.

I have been stopped twice on the bike. I looked for a wide spot, pull over, turn off the bike, kickstand down, remove my helmet so he can see my bald head, remove my gloves, keep my hands where he can see them and wait for further instructions.

I figure he wants me to do something else, he can tell me.
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