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Originally Posted by stucknarut View Post
I'm not sure how that's defensible. They volunteer to work a physically demanding job where everyone they meet lies to them on a daily basis, they risk being shot at, etc. etc., so they should be held and punished to a higher standard? Call me crazy, but I'm ok with there being a few perks for being a public safety officer, as long as they're not abused.

But that's hardly the point of this thread. This was on, how to avoid a ticket should you meet a LEO in the performance of their duty. Being polite, admitting fault up front, keeping your hands in plain view, keeping your bike and yourself legal, and generally assuming he/she is a human being who merits a level of respect and decency - that's really pretty simple, and doesn't cost a damn thing. And in my experience (talking to off-duty cops, getting off with a warning after being pulled over a few times on my bike going 30+mph) it goes a long way. Most cops will tell you they cut motorcycles some slack. We're the underdog out there, we don't go running people off the road or killing other drivers, and they recognize we sometimes just gotta punch it. Why would we as motorcyclists not do the same for them, seems like a great deal for both sides. Basically, if you're one of those people who likes to mouth off to cops, quit pissing in the pool. You're fucking it up for the rest of us.
I'm defintaly not saying cops are bad. like anyone else they come in all types. but there is a lot wrong with what you post says.
1. they volunteer. that's right no one forces them to do the job.
2.lying to a leo is a crime. a leo lying to you is legal.
3.physically demanding? is that why almost every cop i see is overweight? many grossly so.
4. I will absolutely agree it's a tough job. but a lot of jobs are tough,both mentally and physically, dealing with drunks and domestics is no fun. however it isn't as dangerous as they would have you believe.
" It isnít among the top ten most dangerous professions, falling well behind logging, fishing, driving a cab, trash collecting, farming, and truck driving. Moreover, about half of police killed on the job are killed in traffic accidents, and most of those are not while in pursuit of a criminal or rushing to the scene of a crime."
I stand by my statement that if you chose to be a cop,or a judge or otherwise chose to serve the public trust you should be held to a higher standard.
p.s. flashing a badge to get out of a ticket should be grounds for automatic dismissal . the thin blue line attitude is my # problem with leo.
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