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Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper View Post
Damm Sam, what do you pack for more than a Day Trip?!?!?!?

How's it going? Ride Far and Safely!
Hi'ya Thumper I mean Aloha man been a long time. I just lurked in the other day to see the islands latest ride. You guys are brutal, bu in a good way.

OK, it is evident you don't camp off the bikes over there, not that it matters can't pack much on those 200-250 smokers anyway.

So, the yellow dry bag has Big Agnes sleeping bag and air mattress (same one I used in Hawaii) and mid size duffel with enough clothes and toiletries for extended period, and a small pillow (got to have some comforts) Oh, the yellow dry bag makes for a great backrest on long stretches highway.

Tail box (Givi) electronics as in laptop, camera equipment.

right box (pannier) some tools, chain lube, tire plugs, air compressor, rain gear and couple other odds and ends.

Left Box small cook kit, fuel tanks, shoes, sandals, small roll up chair, water bladder, and a jacket.

Tank Bag, cameras at the ready, munchies (cliff bars) chap stick, sunglasses etc.

So, not much really...... OOPS almost forgot, the black bag on top is a bike cover, as I will be storing the bike at my sisters for a bit and that the mornings can be moist in the south.

I'm off in the morning decided to head towards Bear Lake; why? never been there. Route to be determined as I go.

Let the lollygagging commence
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