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Day 11 Short Ride to Loreto

Day 11 Santa Rosalia to Loreto 210km 3.0 hours

Something I failed to mention from the previous post is about a new noise from the bike. As I was riding around town looking for a hotel I detected a slight tapping noise from the engine. It sounded like the valves needing adjustment but I did that 5000km ago so it seemed odd to me. I decided to re-adjust them in the morning after allowing the engine to cool. I rose early and got to work removing the seat and fuel tank. I reached for my 10mm hex to remove the flywheel access cover and it wasn’t there! So I tried turning the engine with the rear wheel but I couldn’t do that and look in the timing hole at the same time. I had no choice but to put it all back together. Upon starting the engine there was no noise at all. I’m thinking it may have been the extreme heat that caused the problem. All day today it was quiet.

After all that I must admit some thoughts of “what the hell am I doing” came to me. Maybe that is a normal thought process, after all I have never done anything like this before. I was able to dismiss the thinking to get on with things and by 8:30 I was on the road.
The road was a mix of desert and coastal twisties. Near Mulege on the coast it is beautiful with really nice looking beaches. I didn’t stop due to the heat that was intense even at 10:00 in the morning.

A donkey on the road

A large number of these memorials along the entire highway

One military check point today that was brief and waved through.

By 11:30 I had reached my destination of Nopolo a few km south of Loreto. I had arranged a stay at a home belonging to my Aunt and Uncle. I found the manager’s office and met Antonio who led me to the house in his golf cart. These homes have no driveways or garages, so there was great debate about what to do with the bike. Security did not want me to bring it to the house but finally agreed to let me take it in only if I left it parked the entire time I was here. Before parking I needed to get some groceries for my stay. Security insisted that I park the bike on the street while I unloaded it, then I went to Loreto for food and upon my return was permitted to park it in the house’s storage area.

A view out the front room

I found a cold beer in the fridge and sat back to relax. Later I found a restaurant called the Agave and had really nice enchiladas and a margarita.
Tomorrow is relax day
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