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On a speeding ticket, the universal first question is, "do you know how fast you were going"
So...are these bad answers?
"So you don't know either?"
"If you don't know, why did you stop me?"

I agree about those who's job is it to enforce a law should be held to the highest standard when they violate the law.

A couple of years ago I was at a meeting where the local chief of police passed around a national flier about police officers killed in the line of duty that year. About half were terrible--officers killed because they were officers (and those who were seriously and permanently injured should have been included). And about half were bullshit. A cop who dies in an ordinary commuter wreck on the way to the station is tragic for the family, but nothing like being killed because of what they do. Ditto for the badged fool who shot himself at the pistol range. That is about equal to a roofer falling off a roof. Tragic for the family, but not something the rest of us should feel bad about. Or the two boneheaded motor cops who rode side by side and crashed each other--one died because he was boneheaded, not because he was an officer.
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