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Racing is a pretty though business. I have known Alex Job for over 20 years and last year I worked as a wrench at the petit le mans for the Lotus Evora. The amount of money and effort that is required to support a car in one of these series is incredible (well over a million dollars). Not enough money was available this year and you don't see it anymore.

That weekend I remember seeing Patrick Dempsey as their trailer rig was a trailer down from ours and saw him interacting with his crew and ours and he came across as just another guy that likes to race. Probably better looking and with a bit more money and fame than most of us but just another guy.

I've met most of the "pro" road racing drivers of the last 20-30 years and at the track most of them are friendly and not just "Prima Donnas". Those you can spot a mile away and are easily avoided.

The hospitality tent for drivers and crews alone is worth "working" one of these week ends. Best food ever!!!!
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