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Originally Posted by RideAbout View Post
30mph lowside = total loss?
We livin' in a throw away society I tells ya!
Agreed; I could be wrong but there's damage to the left side front and rear- tail is tweeked by pannier rack, tank dented, exhaust dented, headlightassy, windscreen, blahblahblah.
7 years old
Mysterious way slacked chain
Mysterious empty clutch fluid
Almost paid off
Write off IMHO$00.2...

It'll make a bitchin' flat tracker once it's naked though... DIBS!
,,,,,,,,,, cuz ain't no black and chrome, loud piped, low speed frikken doo-rag and assless chap wearing freedom rider gonna strap that greasy mass of bacon dripping sooty metal to HIS amerericun steed! bears might gitcha!
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