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Day 13 I Can't Drive 55

Day 13 Loreto to Cabo San Lucas 574km 10.5 hours

The plan today was to get to La Paz and take care of the necessary documents for the bike temporary import. I wanted to beat the heat so I was up at 5:30 and started packing the bike. The sun had not risen yet but the heat and humidity already were stifling. I rolled the packed bike out of the storage area and onto the common sidewalk. I was going to leave it there until there was some dawn sunlight (never ride at night in Mexico). When I returned to add a few more things to the luggage, a security guard was standing there talking on the radio. He spoke zero English but I could tell he was concerned that I would be riding the bike out. I assured him with sign language I would push it to the gravel path. He was happy with that and off I went.

The morning was glorious as I slowly made my way south from Loreto. Numerous road washouts were undergoing repair along the way but riding a dual sport makes these rough spots irrelevant. Soon the road began to climb and as it did I entered a low cloud, thick and full of moisture. I could not ride with the visor down for the fog inside and out. Moving along at a 50km/hr pace with the visor open and being pelted with water droplets I watched my mirrors carefully. When I saw headlights behind me Iíd tap the brakes multiple times to make myself more visible. I quickly became drenched including inside my jacket that had all the vents open. The cloud cleared after 70-80km and my pace finally picked up. The remainder of the ride to La Paz the heat began to build and by the time I arrived at the Ferry terminal at 12:30 it was scorching.

I rode past a very long line of trucks waiting to get into the ferry loading area. I was looking for the banjercito to buy my TVIP. I made a wrong turn and headed straight for customs where they politely turned me around and told me to get the permit first. I found the right place and began the process. I gave the girl at the window my papers and immediately she advised me that my registration was a copy and wouldnít do. A mini panic ensued as I dug through my stuff looking for the original. I found it but by this time I was sweating like mad. Eventually I got my permit then went to buy a ferry ticket. Now Iím all set for the Sunday ferry crossing.

I decided to make a run for Todos Santos 100 km away. As I rode there I encountered a massive cloudburst. Just before it hit I stopped and closed all the vents on my gear. I have never ridden in such rain, lightning and thunder. All I could do is put my head down and get through it. The rain was brief and soon I was in Todos Santos looking for a hotel. I circled but couldnít find what I wanted so decided to keep going. Ultimately I ended up in Cabo and again struggled to find a hotel I liked. Iím staying at Los Milagros right in the tourist area and had dinner at Sammy Hagarís Cabo Wabo.
Tomorrow...get out of Cabo and find cheaper accommodation for the next two nights.

Ferry Terminal Instructions:
The easiest way to get there is to just stay on the main road as you enter La Paz. Watch for signs that say La Paz Centro which take you along the coastal drive by the shops and restaurants. You canít miss the ferry terminal and as you approach there are a bunch of food vendors on the right. Turn left into the parking lot and an immediate left into the pay parking area where youíll get a ticket (youíll pay 22 pesos on your way out). The big building on the right has the banjercito and the ferry ticket office. Find the banjercito wicket and hand over your passport, registration, and Tourist Visa. They will want a copy of each which can be obtained around the corner in a small office for 6 pesos. Sign a bunch of documents and pay a deposit of up to $400USD. Youíll receive a receipt and a guarantee that youíll get the deposit back if you cancel the TVIP when you leave the country. Also given to you will be the windshield sticker which I was told does not have to be on the windshield but be prepared to show it to authorities. Thatís it, now just buy your ticket and off you go.
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