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I totally love sleeping out under the stars!! It is so refreshing. No tent to hassle with packing and unpacking. We woke up well rested and had our croffee.

We decided that we wanted to get up near the headwaters of the Green River since we spend quite a bit of time around it in Southern Utah. So we hopped on the pavement because we can. The Super Enduro is no doubt capable of chewing up pavement. In an hour we were in Dubois where we would leave the pavement again.

We start climbing toward the continental divide.

The roads were well maintained at this point.

Here we are looking off to the west of the divide.

We take a route that gets us off the beaten track a bit.

This crossing was a bit deeper than the previous and A LOT more rocky but still childs play for the Super Enduro.

Man, talk about nice riding!

Forest fires are common around the west in the summer. This one had been burning for a few days. It was relatively small. The headwaters of the Green River are to the right of the smoke.

This is the type of riding we live for.

The Super Enduro is such a versatile bike. It swallows freeways to get you into this type of terrain. A 950cc dirt bike? Totally ridiculous……..

We continue down these awesome trails toward the Green.

The route improves a bit along the Green.

Then we stumble onto this character. He’s been living on public land since 1987 he claimed. He had a small Yamaha road bike of some sort that he would haul inside his trailer when he moved locations. He’s been building his trailer along the way. Among numerous quotes that had us belly laughing, he stated we were in a ‘vagrants paradise’. Well said.
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