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This may be a little premature but what do most of you use for winter riding gear? This will be my first winter with the DRZ and I am looking forward to some rides where I'm not sweating gallons, but I don't want to freeze. I wear a Koerta for protection, and I was thinking about something like the ARC Back Country/ MSR Trans/Fly Patrol jacket, and maybe adding some kind of fleece pullover under it (over the Koerta) if it gets really cold. It's either that or some kind of 3/4 length jacket, like a Kilimanjaro or similar.

As for pants, I am debating over the Bilt Explorer Air pants (Which are mesh, but have a waterproof liner, and a quilted liner) or an overpant of some kind, like the ARC Back Country pants (I wear Tech 3's and knee guards, so armor in the pants is not important).

The Bilt is a nice all-season pant, if they hold up and the quality is even halfway decent. I have a friend who commutes daily on a KLR (from Continental Ranch to Three Points, he's a fireman) and he has the Bilt Explorer Air jacket, and he loves it.

The ARC Back Country pant is slightly less expensive, but it's a waterproof pant with relatively limited venting. I would need to buy dedicated summer mesh pants in addition to these in order to get the versatility of the Explorer Air.

So, what do you have for winter kit?
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