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Originally Posted by sherpa
My measuring seems to show me that if the spec of 275 mm is accurate... parts are going to go bang when you reach full compression.
G'day sherpa,

There is no free-play in the fork travel/clearance. My bike in its present form can and does bottom the front guard into the triple clamps. The mudguard has some big scratches and lots of paint flaked away from hitting the bolt heads under the triple clamp.

According to my measurements, in standard trim, there is something like 18mm more travel than clearance! I've exacerbated that issue by 25mm (pulled the forks through the clamps to balance the Emig lowering links in the rear) there is around 40-odd mm too little clearance!! I've also backed off the compression and rebound damping (all the way) in order to get some compliance from the front end. This will also let the fork travel further through its stroke and increase the tendancy to bottom out.

Originally Posted by sherpa
I wouldn't think they would design things to go bang...
Remember this front end setup was not designed for the 640; it was ported from the 950. When brand new, I had the guard rubbing on the tyre, possibly because the wider 2.15" rim was fitted after the guard was designed (for a 1.60" or 1.85" rim).

Originally Posted by grimmboy
If its as softly sprung as the rest of the 640's it needs stiffer springs, once installed there would probably be no bottoming issues.
The '05 640 Adventure has stronger fork springs than previous years.

btw a simple fork travel measuring device consists of a cable tie around the stanchion (like the o-ring but you can retrofit it).
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