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Gorges gets 93" of rain on an average year (it's officially a temperate rainforest ) and this has been a much wetter than average year. However here in Brevard we've been dry for several days in a row (unusual compared to the summer so far) so it should have dried off a little bit in there.

Interesting side note, last time I was in there about 6 weeks ago my wife and I were going for a drive in her FJ Cruiser. We were headed down to the river and got down toward the river when a storm came up. Monsoon rain, in 1st gear low range with wipers on high and I couldn't see more than 10ft. Heaviest rain I've ever experienced in my life. Then a tree fell on the car What are the odds of having a tree fall on your vehicle while moving? Luckily it had been standing dead for a long while and was pretty well rotted so when it hit the roof rack it exploded into little chunks, but it was a 12-14" diameter tree and did $2k damage to the roof/hood/fenders.

I'll meet you guys at the lower parking lot of Gorges where the pavement ends, say a little before 11? There's only one other entrance to Gorges to my knowledge, and it's on the east side of park and is a parking lot/ hiking trailhead only. Black 1st gen KLR. If there's time and anyone is game, I'd like to explore some of the side roads. I know one goes another couple miles in - I went back as far as i was comfortable solo then spun around.
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