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Originally Posted by ragtoplvr View Post
I am sorry that a way to help a fellow rider thru a tough stretch did not happen for Randy, I hope where he rides now, the roads are curvy, the sky's blue, and the trip long and rewarding.

We lost a dorm mate on college, he did give out signs for a couple of weeks, but we were young, and no one picked up on it. Later in life, I had a close friend that had the same signs, and I helped get him into consoling. I still have my friend to enjoy. Maybe that helps even out the Karma for the first one. If any of you see someone having a hard time, be a friend, it is so worth it. Godspeed Randy.

God knows that there are countless ones of us that would have helped him had we known there was a problem. His son is crushed. He was one of the most driven men I have ever known and damn good at what he did. I just talked to him the Friday before when I had new tires put on my bike. Everything seemed fine at that point. I am just sick over his death and will miss him greatly!!!
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