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I got rescued by a SPOT II message the other day as there were no cell services where I was at the time. Some flash floods had left some dicey road crossings and I had made several of them... till the last one. the mud looked the same but it was deeper and I got stuck big time. I unloaded the bike and still could not budge it. I hit the help button and my wife got the email that she needed to let the sheriff in that county check on me.

They asked about any medical conditions and over did it and sent in the sheriff, EMT, fire department. Within about 20 minutes there was a guy in his pickup next to me asking if I was the guy they were looking for and if I was OK. He then called off the ambulance that was coming from ~60 miles away. All I needed was some help pushing back and that we did. Loaded all the luggage back up and turned back to an alternate route.

SPOT worked as it should have and saved my butt. I bought the II rather than the III as it's too new and untried. I would have loved to have had a Connect but have read too much negative about that thing and they apparently haven't fixed it yet. Too bad.
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