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Originally Posted by jaymboze View Post
I was told there is nothing they can do, apart from a credit towards another unit which I'm not interested in.
Next purchase will be a sat phone, for emergency use only.

My experience with spot has not been great and would not recommend it to a friend. Too many issues with both their hardware and software, and given that this unit is deigned to help you in a bad situation, that's just not good enough in my book.
My subscription is up in February and I will not be renewing it.

Paper weight anyone...?
It's a shame you've had so much trouble with the SPOT Connect, but yours isn't the first bad report I've heard and probably not the last. I'm still using a SPOT 1 with great success going on 5-6 years and really don't plan to upgrade. The SPOT 3 might get my attention after some good usage reports but its still pretty new.

Anyway, its a shame to write them off based on that one device that obviously has had a less than stellar track record just from reports here on ADV and probably a lot more out there too. That device just didn't get enough real world testing before it went to market or just wasn't ready for prime time use.

I can't say I've ever had any issues with the website over the course of that time either.
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