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Originally Posted by kaosbandit View Post
Its not firmed up yet, but I may join you guys on Sunday. Its looking good right now.

I will be on a red gen 1 KLR 650. Stretch160 and I started riding dual sport at the same time so I too am an improving noob offroad, but I think I will be able to keep up.

You'll be fine I'm sure. Gorges is a good place to get more comfortable offroad unless it's really wet, then it gets interesting. We haven't had enough rain recently to get it sloppy in there so it should be good.

Our rider count could be as high as 10 based on replies here and pm's I've received, so we might consider meeting down the trail from the parking lot a little bit. It's a legal road, but is a tree hugger haven and there will likely be a number of people in the parking lot that would frown/complain about a dozen dual sports going past in one big group.
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