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Originally Posted by SpeedySteve View Post
Heya Mate -

I just posted a jacket for sale. BMW makes top notch gear. They are known for their NP (orange in color) armor. Similar to D30 and other armor with non-Newtonian properties. The armor is very extensive in BMW gear, which is why I have a whole gammat of BMW gear. Armor is my #1 reason for buying gear - haha I've been down too many times to wear small floppy armor.

Anyways, This would make for an excellent jacket in the winter using the soft liner. I'd keep up, but I just have too many other jackets.

Check it out! Come on over and try it on!


Looks like a nice jacket, and good luck on the sale, but there is no way that will fit me. Based on the size chart in your link I would need something along the lines of a Euro 66-64. (Strangely when they go to the long sizes the chest measurements get smaller, so they don't make anything in a long for a 48" chest).
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