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By my count we've got 4 definites and 6 maybe/probably. Like I said it's a public road but it doesn't take a lot of complaints to get the forest service real pissy, so lets not all meet in the parking lot. Lets meet a little ways into the woods. That way bikes will be rolling through in smaller groups and are much less likely to cause complaints from the militant-tree-hugging-types. Apologies if you fall into that category, but I can't help your narrowmindedness It's a sad fact of riding in this area, but we lose more and more access every year and I don't want to be a contributor to that loss.

When you enter Gorges from 281, stay on the main road until you come to the 3 way stop with the visitors' center straight ahead. Turn left at stop sign, and stay on main road after that. It'll weave steeply downhill below the visitors' center and come to another parking lot. Straight through the end of this parking lot is a dirt road with a wooden gate (open). Coordinates for you gps types are:


There's also a sign that will be very similar to the one below. Road name cropped off the top in photo. This photo is of the identical sign on the other end of the road:

Go straight down the road, and hold the hooliganism over the first several water breaks (there will be plenty more ). The road will turn to the left and head downhill a bit, there's several clearings after that. Stop in the first one that looks convenient. I'll try to be down there before anyone else, but if you've gone a half mile off pavement and haven't seen anyone else then you're probably the early bird.
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