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I turned to greet the man who called to me from the second floor. "Where are you from?" He asked. What do you say when somebody hi-vis yellow and a helmet is trespassing on your property? I responded with a friendly hello and a smile. He repeated his question and I answered that I was from San Lorenzo and that I saw his house as I was passing through the area.

"No, what country are you from?"

"Oh, I'm unitedstatesian and I am here visiting family.

"Come in, come up"

I was a bit hesitant and kinda wanted to run to the bike and escape, but he walked down the stairs and I walked toward the house.

We walked up the staircase together and looked out from the second floor. I set down my helmet and gloves and he showed me around his house.

The dining room, living room, kitchen, and two large bedrooms were on the second floor. Every room was huge and everything was finished except for the kitchen - it needed cabinets and a stove. The rest of it was just big and beautiful - one of the nicest places I have seen in Paraguay. The bedrooms were expansive with beautiful windows and individual bathrooms.

From the balcony on the left side of the picture we listened to the fresh spring water bubbling out of his artesian well. When the water tank on the roof is low, the pump sends water to fill it. Otherwise the water flows toward the chicken coop.

He showed me the three bedrooms on the third floor. That was where he invited me to stay at his house whenever I wanted. If I or my family needed a break from the city, this was were it should be. He wanted me to come over for an asado, but I told him we were leaving in three days and that just wasn't going to be possible.

He had asked about my family and I explained. Then I asked if he was married or had kids - "I never married but I have lots of kids everywhere." He was 67 and a retired police chief. Down here that explains a lot. He asked for my wife's phone number, called from his cell phone, and talked with my wife's sister for a while.

This was the view from the third floor.

Then we went to the lowest floor. There were columns everywhere to support the house, but it was almost completely open with a quincho at one corner - the grill was big enough to grill two cows. The two guard dogs were down there too and he told me to give them space - I'm glad they weren't loose since I was definitely trespassing.

As I left, he reiterated his invitation to stay. His property, he said, extended to the water, and there was a pool in the back. I told him that I would give my father-in-law his invitation and his phone number. I hope they get together.

I headed off into the sunset.

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