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You guys are definetly tweaking my interst in this ride. I'm about 90% it's a go for me. Just gotta figure the costs and logistics from CT. My first instict is to ride the 990 out and back because, as my buddy Adam always says. " You ain't no Trailer Queen , is ya?" But the 500 EXC would probably be more fun. My questions are:

Is the ADV ride a real challenge or is it just a dirt road/ tar road sightseeing tour? Can an experienced rider on a 990 do the DS ride? I have run New England Enduros and Hare Scrambles for years and am a very capable "B" Rider. I have only run one other National DS ride in Alabama and rode the ADV ride the first day bored, the next day rode the DS ride and nothing was impassable on the 990, much more of a challenge.

Is this an OK ride to ride alone? I mean 500 guys, seems like somebody is going to come by eventually.

Looking forward to coming out West and riding with you guys
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