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Originally Posted by AJay112 View Post
IF I could get the PPIHC Commission to accept my entry fee... is there any interest in seeing this? I want to do this race and MAY actually be in The States for next year's race. I have bikes MUCH better suited, but REALLY want to race the KLR.

Is there ANY interest in seeing a complete and total Idiot Inmate race the PPIHC on a KLR ?

Folks, I REALLY need adult input here.

AJay (RMD's original "HarVEE Muschmann" if you are one of the cool kids.)
Dude.. I've no-shit been seriously contemplating doing the race on my 650GS, K60's and all! Win? Lose? Don't care.. I, like many, just want to do it.

I even get yelled at by the rangers every other week when i do the course because "we think you were speeding, sir. Please slow down next time." :P
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