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Friday and Saturday, departing at 0930hrs, meet at the lower parking area by the cabins - Big, Medium, and Small bike friendly

This ride will be All ADV Bike Friendly (I'll likely be on an 1150GS or KLR6??), with paved twisty stuff, various grades of gravel and plenty of scenery. This ride will be very similar to Todd's (ADVTenn) above, but we will travel at a bit less of a spirited pace. This will be the perfect ride for those looking to get some gravel and twisty roads in and travel at a moderate pace. I welcome newbies and veteran riders alike. Tires should be capable of handling in gravel and pavement, but there shouldn't be any mud or ruts on this ride, so knobbies aren't necessary.

"Standard rules apply"(KTM Mikes rules)

1.Please show up to your ride with a full gastank.
2. Please show up to your ride at least ten minutes before departure time.
3. In order to avoid delays during the ride:
a. No passing others in the group regardless of whether they are moving or standing still. If the rider in front of you stops, YOU STOP WITH HIM. That means that everyone behind you will stop too!
(Suppose the rider in front of you slows down because his bike is breaking down or because he has a flat tire. If you continue past him, the leaders see you coming and procede further and further from the problem. Confusion like this makes for a long day). If everyone stops, the leaders will return shortly.
b. If you want to swap places in line, please do so during a stop.
c. If you want to split early/mid-ride, stop and tell the sweep what you are doing so we don't spend time looking for you (and make sure you have the maps to find your way back to camp).
4. Ride at your own pace:
you don't have to try to catch up to riders in front of you. Continue straight ahead. Someone will be waiting for you at the next left or right turn.
5. Safety:
Please leave plenty of room between yourself and the rider in front of you. When he has to slam on his brakes, he doesn't need you crashing into the back of him and ruining EVERYONE's day. Also, there is nothing worse than having to change the way you ride all day because of what's going on in your mirror. If a rider keeps getting too close behind you, flash your brake lights repeatedly as a reminder to BACK OFF.
6. Tire repair:
a. All riders with tubed tires should carry a spare tube the size of their largest diameter tubed tire,
(NOT just a tube patch kit, which takes longer).
b. All riders with tubeless tires should carry a plug kit.
c. Bring tire-pump if you've got one.
7. Cash:
Carry cash for gas please. Rural gas stations often do NOT take credit/debit cards.
8. No whining.

2001 R1150GS
2009 KLR 650?

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