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Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
Sounds like fun to me! NCRacer and I are hoping to do the SandBlast on KLX250s in 2014. The missus even threatened to do it on her TW200. Why not?

We will run Adventure Lite Class and battle it out for last front of those who DNF.

Tool kit suggestions sound spot on so far.
Tool kit on the ties, duct tape, and maybe a leatherman. You don't have the brain power or time to repair before or after a stage. Fix it at tech at your vehicle when you have awhole half an hour to mess more shit up. I recommend doing it.....I really loved it and hope to have a better year to at least do SB next year.


Tow the bike, borrow a truck or mooch a ride. I bet someone fairly close to you will be racing. It's too much to haul you gear and have you bike be your only mode of transport It's really not safe. You'll be wiped out from racing, seriously, you won't want to ride home. Even though it's a 3 hour ride. At least have a back plan if you crash your bike and it isn't rideable home.
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