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Video link below. Like I said, didn't take any pictures. First ride I've been on in a while where I wasn't leading the whole way or riding sweep to pick up the stragglers, so wasn't prepared to have time to stop for pictures.

Thanks to all for a great ride. In the past I've refrained from posting pictures/videos of other peoples' offs, but those that have ridden with me for any length of time know that there's ample opportunities to get evidence of my dirt naps. So now I don't feel bad or hold back posting others' oh sh*t moments

Ride with me more than once and I guarantee you'll have a chance to return the favor

I definitely want to get back in there after the Bad Creek gate opens. There's also 2 more roads that are promising and I want to explore. Also, the cliff photo I posted earlier (and trespalacios was questioning me about) is only about 25 minutes from the gas station. So a lot of riding opportunities nearby, and I intend to venture back that way soon.

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