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Just a word of caution there, CF parts look, (and are... ) really really sexy.
Their impact resistance though is not that good (I would say non existence but I am trying to be modest here... )

There is a specific reason that everybody so far goes to either aluminium or special plastics/thermoplastics and not fibers. KTM for example could have made the tower side plates from CF. Straight forward design. They did not. And there is a reason for that.

That part, on the head of the bike supports the whole tower. Damage it and your tower will be hanging like there is no tomorrow. Remember that you support:

Electrical equipment,
Emergensy kit
RB holder
Rally Computers

And God only knows what else. Even if you do not have all the above, still there are lots of parts that will not be in a good position if this, head part, breaks.

That is why KTM has this massive aluminium part there. Not that it cannot be done any other way. It can. But you need impact resistance due to the nature of the crashes that this part sees.

If I was stuck with CF I would make this part to break first upon impact. Then replace it with a new one (4 bolts) and off I go. It needs some thought but it is a good starting point.

Part looks really nice though
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