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For the bash plate you are correct.

You save enormous amount of weight from a very heavy part. Then again with a damaged bash plate you can continue to ride without major problems regarding speed and navigation.
KTM is using CF for their bash plate. I agree. It should tell us something, because they are using it for the bash plate. Not for their tower. I have seen KTM's tower and I have designed parts for it. It takes years of perfection to make this KTM design. It is both light weight and the one I got my hands on had survived years of accidents... It's mechanics in my opinion are very, very good. (and I don't work for KTM... in fact I pay them whenever I fix my bike )

Don't get me wrong, I love CF as much as the next guy.
But when it is damaged (the resin I mean) it is almost useless. At the same time, both PE, thermoplastics and Aluminium would survive in better shape. May be bent, but I have seen my fair share of damaged towers making it to the end.PE you can heatreat it, thermoplastics the same, Aluminium a little difficult but doable.

Of course, I have seen Nav plates made of carbon fiber, Touratech used to make an RB holder out of Carbon fiber and took it out of the market, wheels have been made out of this material, canoes ... I even designed a speargun made out of CF... The material has huge benefits. I agree

In any case, If this part fits the 640A then I would like to give it a try

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