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It's taken a bit of fiddling and 5 dyno runs but I am quite far from where I was before. In my part of the world, jets for these carbs are scarce. Lot's of road runs changing the jets on the same piece of road to check

The difference was way more marked in the fuel consumption than the power.

It was very heavy on fuel when I began this journey. This was not because the main jets were rich but the idle circuit plays a really big role in fueling almost across the entire usage range.

Currently I am on the suggested 155's, needles on the 3rd clip (mid way)
38's idle fuel jet 1.25 turns out (it is slightly rich on idle and steady load @ 5% throttle, I might go to 36's)
No air jet, left them clean out. Screw 1.5 out. (this was a surprise, though there is some evidence on thumper forums of this being needed. It might be something to do with Super Duke cams?)

It is very very strong low down, the front pops up in second no clutch, even with a full fuel tank. It runs out of puff at 210 indicated. I just can't seem to keep the front wheel down. It is very tractor-able with lots of response. I think is is about the same as a normal bike very high in the revs.

Starting is a bit of a ritual if the ambient is . 3 cranks of the throttle. No throttle start. It bursts to life for a second or two then dies.

Do this twice and then catch the burst of revs with a 1/5 throttle to get the revs up to 3000. Leave it there for 10 seconds. After that it will fire up instantaneously.

A major bonus is not having to deal with the airbox.
I often wonder where that road goes? And that, has usually made all the difference. Appologies to Mr Frost
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