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CF's impact resistance is relative to the laminate design and product shape. Its ability to withstand bending can be misunderstood as impact resistance but when it fails it fails brilliantly.
Integration of Kevlar and in some cases eglass will assist impact resistance through absorbtion of forces but the laminate design again is determined by the product to be manufactured and forces to be withstood.
The photo you posted shows a vac bagged mount. Id be interested to know the thickness of the laminate and its make up - this being based on what loads you believe you will encounter (vibration, static and dynamic loading as well as impact forces at ??? speed)
The use of substantial cast alu mounts in numerous factory bikes indicates there is a lot more going on than simply carrying the tower and instruments. If CF was superior in this function Id bet the parent companies would be using it. Resins are another variable to add to the equation..
Its a weight vs function equation that I couldnt possibly understand or solve which will be made more complicated by the introduction of thermoplastics. (which are perfectly suited to the task and can be mass produced relatively cheaply!)
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