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I just rode mine on a 2000 mile trip up to Northern Quebec and back, and I was worried about the choke situation, as the nights were cold and wet (about 5-8 degrees celsius).

Have not touched the jetting - it was set up at Chris' shop/dyno in New Jersey by Flanny et al last fall. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to start.

3 cranks of the throttle, fires up and usually dies after a few seconds. Repeat the process, usually idles nicely on the 2nd try. Never had to do it a third time. On the third day, cold morning at about 7 degrees, it fired and idled on the first try.

I can't recall how the stock carbs run on these bikes, but there is ridiculous amounts of power and near-instantaneous throttle response. 100km/hr throttle wheelies are the norm.

Averaged 39mpg on a steady 120km/hr drone down the windy highway home. Typically I would get 260km before the reserve light came on.

Only issue was that the seat cutout is still pushing against the pod filters - I have to trim it back a bit further. Otherwise, I am very impressed and my greatest worry was the choke situation - so far in my experience at 5 degrees C and above, it's really a non issue.

The power and throttle response is truly addictive.

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