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Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
In another life I lived to race pushbikes. It is not a solo operation. The driving all over the place and the mechanical issues and the basic logisitics require some minimal support.

So, to mirror Hardwaregrrl, beg, borrow, or steal a ride to the event or you will be miserable trying to ride home. FWIW, Harbor Freight has the hitch packer/moto-carrier on sale right now for $114.00.

This is actually the reason I recruited NCRacer to go with me. He's young, fast, and good with a wrench. He works for beer, and he can drive my truck. Aside from smelling like a goat, he's a good travel companion.
Sweetwater is only flaming me cause I will smoke his ass. I threatened to ride my klx to and from just to piss him off

To the original post. Do it. XT is fine. Just hold that throttle back and roll with it. Like someone else said make sure to play in some sand before you do it. Good steady pace. No need to break records or bones. Most likely you will beat sweetwater so you won't be last

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