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Day 16 Meeting of the Minds

Day 16 Cabo San Lucas to the Mazatlan Star Ferry 240km

Sunday September 8th started as many of the others so far, hot and humid. The 3 hour ride north to La Paz was beautiful with the sun over my right shoulder for a change. Livestock was everywhere along the road so my pace was unhurried and I arrived in La Paz at noon.

I searched for and found Bandidos but was disappointed to find it was only open for dinner. I found an alternate for lunch on the marine drive.
While waiting for my food I saw a VStrom ride by and the two on board glanced back at my bike as they passed. In a few minutes they returned and sat down with me. It was Paul and Asli with whom I had exchanged emails about sharing a cabin on the ferry. They had not purchased their ticket yet so we agreed to share a room while on board.

I arrived at the ferry and once my paperwork was inspected moved on to the staging area for a hot 90 minute wait to board at 3:00pm A couple of Kawasaki KLR motorbikes pulled up and I met Troy and Martin. Ironically I had passed them a few days earlier as they were moving northbound and I south. I didnít think Iíd see them again but here they were.

We all entered the boat and down a steep ramp to the deepest deck. The belly of the ferry was like a sauna. We tied down the machines and unloaded gear we would need.

Rules dictate no return trips to the vehicle deck so I had to be sure I had everything I needed. In hindsight I brought way too much. Climbing step ladder-like steps up 5 decks to the reception was an exercise in will power. Thoughts of climbing to Crypt Lake in Waterton on a sweltering day came to mind.

After a quick shower all the gringos quickly found each other on deck. We met Frank (1979 CB700) from Montreal and Katie from Belgium. Soon we were joined by a fellow from Mexico City and Taka (DR200) from Japan. So we sat on the deck drinking beer and telling stories into the dark of the evening. The stars were spectacular and we witnessed a lightning show in the distance.

Paul and Asli

We slept well on a smoothly rocking sea and awoke to have breakfast at around 8:30. Troy, Martin and Frank are headed to Tecuela as soon as the ferry lands and I decided to tag along for the 3-4 hour ride. Although this is a deviation from my original plan, I like the idea of traveling with others for my first few days of Mainland Mexico.
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