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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
You guys may have your wheels a bit too high in the sky. Keep in mind we are just getting started with this event. We have to deal with private land owners, environmentalists, politicians, emergency services, insurance, and others in order to have any race at all. In our case, in an all new racing location, they have absolutely no experience with this type of event. It’s easy for any one of them to say NO, and put an end to our whole dream. For the first year, we have to do whatever it takes to ease their concerns. If that means limited entries, or limited days, or adjustments to some other manageable aspect, that’s what we HAVE to do. After that, we’ll see what we have to do to survive, and what we’re allowed to do to grow. Don’t expect Diabolical 2014 to be the biggest greatest rally of all time. It may take a year or two to get there!

Scott, we also know you will do something diabolical.

I'm 100% with Charlie on his comments. Rattlesnakes found in sleeping bags will make a nice breakfast.

Will you announce things here? I would hate to miss out on the registration.
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