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Day 17 Tequila in Tequila

Day 17 Mazatlan to Tequila 450km 7.0 hrs

I began to wake up as the sunlight made its way through the cabin window. Not knowing the time I made my way to the cafeteria and discovered some of my new found friends having breakfast. I sat down to join them and enjoyed scrambled eggs with sausage mixed in and tortilla chips fixed in a unique and interesting way. We still had three hours before docking in Mazatlan so I spent some time writing and getting ready to disembark. I turned in my room key and took my gear down to load the bike. It was 36 degrees on the lower deck and I was just soaked in perspiration. I didnít realize it but I was not exactly permitted to go down there until they gave the word so I came back up on to the 5th deck and waited with the rest of the gang. Frank and Taka left first because they were on a different deck than the rest of us. About 45 minutes later we got the call to get down to the bikes and get going. We all un-tethered our machines and rode out into the fresh air.

Martin, Troy and I headed for the toll roads to allow fast travel through the Mexican interior.

Each toll booth required a different amount of Pesos. By the time we finished the day we each had spent 382 pesos for the privilege of riding on the smooth wide expressway. We stopped for lunch in Escuinapa for some fantastic chicken roasted over wood charcoal.

Randomly, we encountered Frank and Taka briefly in the middle of town but lost them as they turned off for fuel. As the kilometers passed the rain began to come down so we geared up for wet weather and braced ourselves for a storm. It rained until we arrived at Tequila and then stopped just for our arrival. 15 minutes before sunset we found a 400 peso hotel which included free parking five blocks away but it was secure. After unloading and parking the bikes the first order of business was food and of course Tequila! The three of us ate dinner and enjoyed a wonderful glass of tequila for about $8US each.

Tomorrow maybe a Tequila tour and then...Iím not quite sure
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