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OK, so don't laugh.... any of you. I posted the install pics for these way cool filters and filler caps not long ago. We are currently in the middle of a significant "monsoon" season in Cambodia which means BIG rain every day. My Katoom get wet, no big deal.

Then my cool Katoom begins running like crap. Oh, maybe the plugs need changing. They are old. Considered lots of things to fix. Then my friend says, "maybe it's just water in the fuel, or clogged filters." Naw, can't be. I got these new whizbang filters to keep stuff out.

Which is easier, check filters or change plugs? OK, so I find the right size allen wrench and unscrew the left side CJ Designs super cool filler cap. What do I find but a bunch of water collected around the breather holes for the OEM cap. Hummmm, if there is that much water just sitting there, must be enough that leaked down into my fuel to make my Beast stutter, fart, and crap.

Then I reflected back on my conversation with Craig about the filler/filter units. Gosh, he did say something about using the OEM rubber gasket around the top of the old cap to give it a finished look........ and keep the water out.

Oops. Fully diagnosed the problem, "short between the handlebars and the seat." Installed the OEM gaskets under and around the top of the fillers. Then drained the H2Oized fuel from my tanks and refilled with fresh go juice.

Started and did the 15 min. reset. Hadn't done that for a few months and thought it couldn't hurt. Now my bike is back to normal. Runs like a scalded dog, loud and fast!

I still have a couple of months of monsoon to ride in so will keep you posted.

Ever consider how our creativity is an expression of God's character? I was thinking about the "Big Bang" theory not long ago while traveling through the Cardamom Mountains here in Cambodia. If someone took a big box, filled it with iron ore rocks, crude oil, silicon sand, a bit of gold and silver, a few lumps of bauxite and closed the lid. Tape it shut. Apply time, heat, maybe some pressure, and agitation for a long time. How long would it take for all the ingredients to morph and randomly sort themselves out until a KTM 990 rolls out the end. One that starts and runs, stops when you want. An amazing piece of engineering/creativity that I love to ride, slow or fast, wet or dry. Without those creative dudes in Austria putting their minds and skills to work, we would have no orange beasts, no matter how long we could wait.

It takes a creator to have a creation. Just saying.
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