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Plan is to leave town immediately after work Friday. I choose a pay lot near the buildings I'm usually in so that I can occasionally take a peek at the bike to make sure it's still there and of course to make sure I still have something left to live for to get me through the day.

The whistle blows and I'm out of here!

Some bits of weather to watch as I ride off into the sunset.

Dinner will be at a non-descript truck stop Taco Bell. I gotta make some miles tonight.

It occurs to me that I can kill two birds with one stone. I've always been curious about the Katy Trail, and I bet there is a bench I can sleep on.

Of course, it's a brazillian degrees and humid. I can't sleep and it's just as well because the facility closes a couple of hours ago. As I'm getting back on the bike, security comes to likely check me out. Heading up the road a bit, there's a Roadway Inn that's got my name on it. The guy who checks me in has a pile of Arduino stuff back on the desk and tells me all about it when I ask. Pretty cool, and I regret not getting a couple of pictures of it and him.

Not bad progress for an evening's ride.

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