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After the Sunset

Ruben had told me that the cerro in the background of the following picture is an interesting place and since sunset is around 5:30 every night, I had plenty of time but no more daylight.

So I headed back to the paved road and started looking for Calle Quinta - Fifth Street. Ruben said that I just follow fifth street until it ends.

With my anemic forward beam highlighting the fact that there were no street signs, I just counted to five and stopped at a corner store to ask for directions. I asked in Spanish and she responded in the standard street mix of Guaraní and Spanish - "Guarañol" - kinda like Spanglish but much cooler. I caught "proxima calle" and "mombyry." I asked another related question in Spanish and caught "allaite." So it's apparently the next street and the cerro is pretty far away. Pretty far away could mean "I don't know why you would want to go there" or "I hardly ever get out there since I own this shop and have no time for games." I bought some yummy wafer cookies and headed to Calle Quinta.

The sand got deeper and the vehicles got fewer and it got darker and darker as I continued on. The road ended so I continued on through the field. Slowly. And I am glad I went slowly since the field ended in the swamp again and the water level was the same as that of the field.

I returned a took a few more streets - left and right, left and right.

I never found the cerro, but I turned off the lights and sat under the stars for a while since this was to be my last chance before my return to the Burgh.
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