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Jasper County courthouser in Monticello

Location: Monticello
Date Built:1907-08
Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival
Architect: T.F. Lockwood, Sr.

Other Information: The first "courthouse" in this county was actually the home of a citizen - John Towns - where public business was first done. The second courthouse was a log cabin built in 1809. In 1838, a three-story brick courthouse was built [see postcard]. This structure served until 1907, when construction began on the current courthouse. It is constructed of Georgia marble and brick, with four columns along the front and an eight-sided, domed clock tower. In the 1990s, the size of the courthouse was doubled when an extension was built to the rear of the buiding
County Courthouse Historical Marker: Click here
County History: Originally named Randolph County, Jasper County was created from Baldwin County on Dec. 10, 1807 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1807, p. 3). Georgia's 31st county was named for Virginia congressman John Randolph (1773-1833), whose political views were popular in Georgia. On Dec. 10, 1810, a legislative act renamed the county because of Randolph's opposition to the War of 1812 (though eventually he was forgiven and in 1828 would be recognized by having another new Georgia county named in his honor). On this day, the county became Jasper County in honor of Revolutionary War hero Sgt. William Jasper, who during the siege of Savannah was mortally wounded while retrieving his regiment's flag from the British. [See statute of Jasper].
In 1821, a portion of Jasper County was used to create Newton County.
County Seat: Monticello [named for Thomas Jefferson's Virginia home; created as county seat Dec. 10, 1808; and incorporated by the legislature on Dec. 15, 1810].
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