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Russell Day-Long Group Buy 2013-14

In response to post #141, I should have done this a long time ago and apologize for not having done it. I am posting the exact response I received from Kim at RDL regarding this years group buy effort, and I am taking them at their word that they have no plans for a group buy this year. As a result I have decided to pursue other opportunities and have worked out a group buy deal with Bill Mayer Saddles at 25% off for one of their seats. If you'd like to take part in the Bill Mayer Group Buy feel free to follow the thread located here

I still have the RDL list and will be holding on to it for a while in the event RDL changes their mind and asks for it. If I hear anything further from RDL I will certainly post here to let everyone know what they are planing to do

"Hello Tom,
I am sorry to say, but we will not be having a "Group Buy" this year and will not be using a coordinator, nor a list. If we do any type of discounts this winter, it will be posted on our website and open to all. Please forward this information on to everyone interested and keep your eyes on our website for any scheduled sales.
Thank you, Kim"

Ok, folks, it appears that no one has responded to take on the task of organizing an RDL group buy. As a result, I am going to throw my hat in the ring and coordinate a group buy list that can be submitted to RDL the day they announce when/if the group buy will take place. To make this fair to everyone involved, both those looking to purchase seats and to me the organizer, I'm going to ask that everyone do their part and spread the word to get as many people on the list as is possible. I think one of the lessons learned from the successful group buy organized last year is that having a large list really encourages RDL to have the group buy. That being said, I have to be honest to everyone looking for a seat and let you know up front, if past history is any indicator, RDL is only going to allow XXX number of seats at the group buy price and they're only going to accept orders from those on the list and they'll only accept orders from the first XXX on the list that call in. So, if you're number 160 on a list of 200 and RDL only decides to build 150 seats, you have as much a chance at getting in on the group buy as anyone else. Keep in mind, this is RDL's game and they're going to set the rules and the rules can change. All that being said, it's important that if you're seriously interested in purchasing a seat you at least get your name on the list. At this point in time I cannot tell anyone what the discount is going to be, and I'm well aware most are waiting until we know what the discount is before committing. Two points to consider on that, 1) Being on the list does not commit you to buy. Nor does it guarantee you a seat. It simply allows you the opportunity to buy if/when RDL decides the group buy is a go. 2) I'm not going to know what the discount is going to be until RDL decides what they're going to do and provides me instructions on how they want to handle the group buy. If history is any indicator it will be in the 15-20% range. Having said all that, why wait? If you're interested, put your name on the list. If the discount isn't to your liking you don't have to call and order one.

Lastly, I would appreciate everyone's help in respecting the following, more than fair, guidelines and requests from me the organizer to help make this a success for everyone and easy on me. It's my understanding this is quite the undertaking.

1) I'm going to request that anyone wanting to be on the list send me a PM on ADVRider with your ADV handle and "RDL Group Buy" in the title. When your information has been added to the list I'll send a return PM as confirmation.

NOTE: Please understand, I'm trying to make this as coordinated as possible with as few "rules" as possible and will adhere to the following. I will NOT accept any requests in the thread to be added to the list. "I'm in" or "Please add me to the list" in the thread is NOT an acceptable request to be added to the list and will be ignored.

2) In your request you must provide the following details. First and Last Name, City, State, E-mail address, Year, Make and Model of bike. If this information is not part of your PM, you will not be added to the list. I will attempt to respond but will not continue looking for this information. Please be considerate and include this information upfront to avoid a lot of back and forth PM's. I expect I'll be getting many messages.

3) I would appreciate anyone reading this thread to please spread the word where you can. Again, my understanding from those that have run them in the past is that a large list is the key to success.

4) While I appreciate everyone's assistance in spreading the word, to keep coordination of the list and requests as straight forward as possible, please ask those interested in getting on the list to come here to ADVRider and send me a PM with the instructions from steps 1 and 2 above. We all know creating a login ID is pretty straightforward and it would simply be too much coordination on my part to have to go to every website to track down potential customers.

5) I'm going to post on the following forums for those that wish to take part in the group buy with a link to this ADV thread, so there's no need for anyone to post on them. I don't want to upset the moderators with multiple threads on the same topic.,,,,,,,,,,,, and I may come across other websites/forums as time allows, and will post there if I don't see a thread about the group buy. I'll update this thread with where I have posted.

6) Please try and keep commentary in this thread to the topic of RDL seats. It will be helpful to those looking for information about this group buy to get what they're looking for. It's also helpful to those who aren't familiar with the RDL ordering/build process. As noted above, "I'm in" "please add me" and the like will be ignored. Also, there's no need for "PM Sent" messages. I get an email whenever I get a PM from someone.

7) Lastly, for those not familiar with the RDL order/seat making process here is a brief description. If your order with RDL is successful, they will provide you a date to send your seat to them for the modification. Pictures of you on the bike are required and will be used to tailor the seat to your body type. Typical turnaround, including shipping to and from RDL, is approximately three weeks. There is no need to send your seat to Russell prior to your build date as it will just sit there waiting for your build date to arrive. From the east coast it takes about a week to ship a seat to RDL. So plan accordingly. Here is a link to the RDL website where the vast majority of your questions will be answered.

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