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All's good folks. We have a list of 20+ so far. Understand, I work nights and tend to sleep in the morning so if I don't get back to you until the evening, or sometime throughout the night, please be patient. I haven't received any indication so far that PM's are not making it to me and, at this time, all PM's that I have received have been responded to and have been added to the list. If you have not received a message back indicating you're on the list send me a new PM.

Also, regarding chatter in the new thread. Feel free to ask questions and talk about, maybe even post a few pics of, RDL seats. This is a big help to those who aren't familiar with the RDL seats and the ordering/build process. I've amended the requested rules above to reflect this. Still no need to post PM sent messages though. Thanks!

Last, and definitely not least, 'fammdw' has stepped up to the plate and is offering his assistance in answering questions and general guidance. As he successfully coordinated last years group buy he's very well versed on the goings on at RDL. Thanks Mike!
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