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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
i gleaned this from the internet a while back. can't remember where. try at your own risk..

"I've read but not tried it myself that dead CDI boxes can be brought back to life by placing in an oven and heating.

"Holy cow, it works. I had 2 units, 1 was completely dead, no spark at all. I put it in the oven at 300* for 20 minutes, connected it and it made spark, kicked it and the bike started but wouldn't rev up. I then took the 2nd unit I had that made spark and didn't rev and baked that one for 20 minutes. connected it and kicked it over. She fired up, and revved just like new. How it works I have NO idea, but it does. "
i've tried it with a dead CDI once. may have worked better if i didn't have a really bad short term memory. put it in the oven, got distracted... a couple hours later i walked into the house wondering what that smell was.

the CDI did work for a short time afterwards, though. bike fired up and was somewhat running OK. can't say i'd trust it for a long term solution... with my luck it'd work great until i was 100 miles from anywhere in the middle of the desert...
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