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No-Moto-Boundaries-Latin America n' back n' da' TAT, un-planned, un-hinged, and solo

***I have a previous ride report called Tanning A Ginger Tip-to-Tip which details the prep work, background story, and building of my bike. That report also tells the story of my first motorcycle trip in 2011 - a 1 month ride through BC, the Yukon, and Alaska. Something changed for me during that trip, and because of it, this new journey really required its own thread. If you are interested in the prologue to the current adventure, jump on over and check it out. Now, lets begin.***


On paper, this ride report is about one guys un-planned, un-structured, and un-hinged solo 55,000+ mile ride through Latin America and back. In a far more ambiguous, yet far more accurate statement though - this report is a story of one guys search for the unsearchable. It's a journey about broadening horizons, connecting with the unknown, finding comfort in the uncomfortable, and freeing yourself to pursue that which you are passionate about in life. It's a story that continues to unfold.


On my first motorcycle trip in 2011 I met a wise man who told me something that would spur me to change my priorities in life. I didn't at that point fully understand the ways in which our conversations would shape my future, but I could tell that something in my mentality had shifted, and it was never going to go back:

”There is no point in spending your life doing things you don’t want to do, and that don’t give you joy. You can make all the money in the world, but you need to learn how to have fun. You MUST learn how to play. Since I was diagnosed with cancer 2-years ago I haven’t had a single bad day. I simply don’t have time for bad days, so I make every day a good day. Life is short, and if you can get started with that mentality young, you’ll do just fine."
- Gene

We really never know how much time we have here on this crazy planet, and what we choose to make of that time, really is what we make of our lives. I have always been driven to travel and inspired by those with the freedom and ability to do so. I’ve resigned from my work in Seattle, WA and have re-prioritized my life to make extended travel a reality. It’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. I’ve consolidated everything I own into 4 boxes and sold off all of my worldly possessions to afford it. I’ve purposefully gotten rid of everything that would help me call a place home - every town, every country, every place is now equal. I have No Moto Boundaries.

I would say more about my plans, but besides hopping on and hunting for adventure, I honestly have no idea where I'm going, or for how long I'll be doing it. I've rid my mind of expectations, and am heading out. I'm 25, on a limited budget, and I have no doubt that things will go wrong, plans will change, and shit may get challenging. I like difficult though, and challenges are the spice of life.

Fear of the unknown can be one of the greatest fears of all, but there are times in life when you need to value adventure above comfort and security.


If you aren't on ADVrider and want to get ahold of me, shoot me an email:
If I'm MIA for a while, you can track me down via my SPOT:

Ride Report Posts

Seattle 9.1.13 --> ? (Currently in: New York, New York, USA, September 2014)

1.Rolling - (USA)
2.Slapping Rock, Getting Hot - (USA)
3.To The Shire - (USA)
4.Grounded - (USA)
5.Fix-It, Ride-It, Break-It, Repeat - (USA)
6.Ensa-”todas” - (Mexico)
7.Finding Cortez - (Mexico)
8.Kicking It With Coco - (Mexico)
9.Mulege - (Mexico)
10.Coyote Livin’ - (Mexico)
11.Where Are All The PEZ? - (Mexico)
12.El Pescadero - West Coast’n - (Mexico)
13.Huffing Dirt - (Mexico)
14.Cabo Wabo - (Mexico)
15.Voy A Mazatlan - (Mexico)
16.Guadalajara - Getting Business Done - (Mexico)
17.Guanajuato - You Cheeky, Beautiful Place - (Mexico)
18.Riding Guanajuato - (Mexico)
19.Queretaro - (Mexico)
20.Mexico, The City - (Mexico)
21.Getting Dirty In Hidalgo (Part 1) - (Mexico)
22.Getting Dirty In Hidalgo (Part 2) - (Mexico)
23.DualSport In Mexico - (Mexico)- Video
24.Chilling In Tlalpan, DF - (Mexico)
25.Slapping Rock In DF - (Mexico)- Video
26.Exploring Toluca - Video - (Mexico)- Video
27.Loco Pozas De Edward James, Xilitla - (Mexico)- Video
28.A Run Through The Ringer, Valle De Bravo - Video - (Mexico)- Video
29.On The Road Again, Oaxaca - (Mexico)
30.Back To The Blue Stuff, Puerto Escondido - (Mexico)
31.Salina Cruz and The Bikers’ M.C. - (Mexico)
32.San Cristobal de las Casas - (Mexico)
33.Tonina Ruins, A Childhood Dream Realized - (Mexico)
34.Kicking It In Bacalar - (Mexico)
35.Time To Get Out Of Dodge - (Mexico)
36.Belize? Was That You? Oh, hey there Guatemala! - (Belize & Guatemala)
37.Yaxha Ruins - (Guatemala)
38.Semuc Fuckn’ Champey - (Guatemala)
39.Enchanted Antigua - (Guatemala)
40.Sad Ending To A Great Day - (Guatemala)
41.Recoup For The Holidays - (Guatemala)
42.San Pedro, Watchu Got? - (Guatemala)
43.Hunting History Around Lake Atitlan - (Guatemala)
44.Boredom, Inspiring Activity Since The Dawn Of Time - (Guatemala)
45.Back To Antigua - Video - (Guatemala)
46.Work, That’s Still A Thing Right? - (Guatemala)
47.Working With O.X.’s - (Guatemala)
48.Get Up, Get Out - Riding Antigua - (Guatemala)- Video
49.Rolling soon, and maybe with a ‘Reboot’ - (Guatemala)
50.A Package From North Of The Wall, Green-Light Go - (Guatemala)
51.Volcan Acatenango - (Guatemala)- Video
52.Wrapping Up Guatemala, Volcan Acatenango - (Guatemala)
53.Hey El Salvador...I Think I Like You - (Guatemala & El Salvador)- Video
54.Learning To Chillax From The Pros - (El Salvador)- Video
55.Summa’ Time In Santa Tecla - (El Salvador)- Video
56.Back To Our Roots - Video - (El Salvador)- Video
57.Break-Ups and Re-Bounds - (El Salvador & Honduras)
58.Pool Sides and Low-Sides - (Nicaragua)
59.Sainting Rosa and Mounting Verde - (Costa Rica)- Video
60.Highlands Of Chirique and Carnivalling Chitre - (Panama)
61.Sniffing For Leads, Hunting For Passage To Colombia (Part 1) - (Panama)
62.Sniffing For Leads, Hunting For Passage To Colombia (Part 2) - (Panama)
63.Passage Found, Vamos A Colombia - (Panama)
64.Sailing The Darien (Part 1) - (Panama)
65.Sailing The Darien (Part 2) - (Panama)
66.Cartagena - (Colombia)
67.Finding Medellin - (Colombia)
68.Dodging Sirens and Chilling In Pereira - (Colombia)
69.Day Tripn’ A Solento and Decision Making - (Colombia)
70.Sometimes It’s The People That Make A Place Special, Finding Family in Cali - (Part 1) - (Colombia)
71.Sometimes It’s The People That Make A Place Special, Finding Family in Cali - (Part 2) - (Colombia)
72.Sometimes It’s The People That Make A Place Special, Finding Family in Cali - (Part 3) - (Colombia)
73.Today We Are 6, Thunderbadger Group Ride To Pasto - (Colombia)
74.Pesto Pasto (Part 1) - (Colombia)
75.Pesto Pasto (Part 1) - (Colombia)
76.Finding More Than Expected In Ibarra - (Colombia & Ecuador)
77.Quito and Tena Birthdays - (Ecuador)
**Thoughts and Quick Summary Of Countries Thus Far **
78.R&R In The Hills - (Ecuador)
79.Cuenca and Little Russia - (Ecuador)
80.Dirting To Peru - (Ecuador & Peru)
81.Finding Your Blood & Making Homies In Moyobamba (Part 1) - (Peru)
82.Finding Your Blood & Making Homies In Moyobamba (Part 2) - (Peru)
83.Bumming The Amazonas - (Peru)
84.Slowing Down In Huanuco - (Peru)
85.Bumming The Peruvian Highlands - (Peru)
86.Carretera Numero Uno - (Peru)
87.Hey Atacama, you’re fucking dry - (Peru)
88. Welp, lota road, rock, n sand… - (Peru)

89. Desert, Desert, Desert, Chile!, Desert - (Peru & Chile)
90. What is this, where am I? Antofagasta - (Chile)
91. Finding Cold In The Desert - (Chile)
92. La Serena, Finding Vicuna - (Chile)
93. The Paradise Valley, Valparaiso - (Chile)
94. Por La Mes, Valpo - (Chile)
95. Valpo - wine, art, food, music, football, beer, repeat - (Chile)
96. A Trip Down Memory Lane, and A Rad Day With An Old Man - (Chile)
97. See you later Chile, Until next time... - (Chile)
98. Helloooo Argentina! - (Argentina)
99. Ditching The City for The Bush - (Argentina)
100. Mina Clavero - (Argentina)
101. Trotting about in Mina Clavero - (Argentina)
102. Adults In The Sandbox - (Argentina)
103. Learning Asado and Dragging My Heals - (Argentina)
104. Welcome To Club Sampacho - (Argentina)
105. Quick Stop-in At Mina Clavero - (Argentina)
106. On The Dusty Road Again - (Argentina) - Video
107. Fractals, Everything Is Fractals - (Argentina)
108. Cata-What? Catamarca - (Argentina)
109. Saying Goodbye To Argentina - (Argentina)
110. Typa, typa,, click.....typa, typa. - (Argentina)
111. Welkom In Bolivia. - (Bolivia)
112. Bolivia - You Dirt-Y, Wonderful Country - (Bolivia) - Video
113. Salty Days O' Birth - (Bolivia) - Video
114. Sticking w/ Dirt and Finding La Paz - (Bolivia)
115. La-Pazzing La Paz - (Bolivia)
116. Avoiding puns at Lake Titicaca - (Bolivia)
117. Hunting da Picch' - (Peru)
118. Trying to find a balance on Da Picch' - (Peru)
119. Lining Up For Nazca Again - (Peru)
120. Rolling da Coast (Part 1) - (Peru)
121. Rolling da Coast (Part 2) - (Peru)
122. Hey Ecuador, Bye Ecuador - (Ecuador)
123. Going going, Back back, to Cali cali - (Colombia)
124. Home in Cali - (Colombia)
125. Farming La Cumbre - (Colombia)
**Update: Where I'm at, and new posts coming
126. Saying Bye To Family - (Colombia)
127. Wrapping Up in Bogota - (Colombia)
128. Photo Intro - North American Leg
129. Catch you later Colombia, Helloooooo USA - Florida
130. Kicking it with Eickey and catching up with The Don - Florida
131. Learning how to grub southern style, with head chef Dolomoto - Georgia
132. Casa Kenny & PJ, and a smooth refirb at Cogent Dynamics - North Carolina
133. Riding Blue Ridges and Rolling Through Apalachia - North Carolina & Virginia - Video
134. East of Greenwich and Hamping the Shire - Rhode Island and New Hampshire
135. Food, some lobster, more food, a bit of maintenance, and more food - New Hampshire & Main - USA
136. Men in skirts throwing large things & children - New Hampshire & Vermont - USA
137. Back on the road, and back to New York - New York, New York - USA
138. Is this the newest York? Yorkin' it with the ladies - New York, New York - USA
139. Update - Story on HOLD

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