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There were a few reasons for doing the Washington_State_Parks_Centennial_Tour and one of those reasons was to go to places I havenít been before and visit State Parks to find out what they have to offer. Besides I bought a Discovery_Pass
and Iím going to get my moneys worth.

My first geocache stop took me to a new place or at least a park I haven't been to. I have been to Yakima numerous times however it is one of my least favorite places in WA State. I donít know how it is now but at one time Yakima had a very large drug problem as well as a high rate of vehicle thefts. Just going into that town always felt a little strange. I was going to see if visiting the Sportsman State Park was any different.

I had seen the Yakima Sportsman State Parks on maps and I had even ran across information about it when searching for campsites but I always assumed it was more like a boat ramp, fishing access than anything else. With it being on the edge of Yakima and my assumption that not much was there I never made the effort to go check it out. This day was different and I was going to see what really was there.

There was a very nice walking path to the cache.

Guess I should pay attention to what Iím doing

Taking time to enjoy the flowers along the way.
And we have lift off.

This one looked like it was glowing.

This sign made me think of Tom Edison and all the great bird pictures he posts in this thread:

It looks like there are other flying things in this park as well.

A walk over the wetlands

I thought we were too far North and too far West for alligators? You just never know.

Time to go find that cache

The cache is in there somewhere

Oh, there it is

Stocked full of goodies. Signed the log, stamped my state park passport page, and left a ladybug kaleidoscope.

I was pleasantly surprised with the park and Iím glad I stopped. It doesnít have the crime ridden "feel" Yakima does and now I know where I can camp if I need to stay in that area. Donít get me wrong, Iím sure Yakima isnít all bad I just havenít taken the time to get to know it and this park showed me that some impressions just might not be correct.
It was time to move on again and a ride over White Pass.

If all goes well I will be headed out for a ride along the St. Joe this weekend so this thread will sit quietly again for a few days but I will return to tell you about the rest of the ride to Westport.
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