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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
And holy shit

Man, I was pissed with my 3K bill.............ain't gonna cry about that anymore. So sorry about your crash and that bill. man, I hope you get hit with a truckload of good news today
According to the doc, my bone is healing at an average to above average rate. Now I have a goal to look forward to, in 6 weeks, I get to lift 5 whole pounds!

The only truckload I got hit with was one of the ambulance rides (yes, just one of the two) was $1300. Not bad for 30 minutes. Funny thing is that the ambulance company is one of my customers, and they call and complain about every single invoice I've ever sent them. All I can say is that payback is hell

I also made the hospital itemize my bill. Apparently, it took $2700 worth of drill bits to drill the holes for $2800 worth of screws. I'll never complain about the high price of metric fasteners for my bikes again.

Oh, and if you really get in a pinch on that $3K bill, you can sell 5 inches of leg bone for $3300. Why do I know that? I paid $3300 for 5 inch of cadaver bone.
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